Our Story

Not surprisingly, the idea for Alisyo was born on a small sailboat on a beautiful October day. It wasn’t surprising because great ideas can be born in inspirational settings. It was there, surrounded by steady fall winds, the ocean, and the majesty of the mountains in the distance that Kafi began reflecting on leadership, and what leaders need to flourish. but can often only think to themselves.

Leaders are nearly everywhere. Some have impressive titles and some don’t. Some are called to leadership, others are talked into it. They are CEOs of nonprofits, out of the box thinkers in public agencies, rising social entrepreneurs, and caring community volunteers. They are of multiple generations. They are beautifully diverse. Against the scope and scale of the challenges they’re working on, at some point they may feel depleted, lose confidence, and struggle to find their way toward impact. This perspective is missing from many traditional operational and executive management programs. Leaders often privately wish for a place to periodically recoup, reflect, be inspired, and supported to evolve to the next level of impact. We’ve launched that place. It’s Alisyo.

Our name embraces the burst of sea, land, mountain and valley breezes, the vastness of the ocean that reminds us we are limitless, and the unending sky that represents infinite possibilities. Just as sailors around the world rely on ‘the trades’ to hasten their oceanic voyages, ‘Alisyo’ signifies a powerful journey of self-discovery, regeneration and connection with all that you are and all that you are capable of becoming.

Our Team

The Alisyo team is made up of a group of super passionate and seasoned nonprofit professionals that are dedicated to equipping social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and public servants with the right knowledge and resources to achieve their changemaking goals.

Sabrina Beason
Program Advisor
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Kafi Blumenfield
Founder + CEO
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Anthony Foster
Philanthropy Advisor
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Communications and Content Creation Intern
Sophie Behzadi 

Board of Advisors
Fran Jemmott
Wendy Greuel
Effie Turnbull Sanders
Roy Watlington

Our Values

Alisyo’s values were developed from the Caribbean heritage of the founding collaborators.

Love of people and self.

Alisyo values culture and diversity. We are inspired by Afro-Caribbean people living in English, Creole, French, Dutch, and Spanish-speaking nations and territories, and throughout the world. 

Love of land and sea.

The land and oceans are imperative for the survival of life. This is evident for those living on islands, in particular, and anywhere on earth. For this reason, we see our interconnectedness with the environment – land and sea — as a value for our work.”

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