Fellowship + Retreat

In 2022, Alisyo plans to launch a powerful event that will help you break away from the day-to-day stress of work in order to regain the time to focus on your personal career upskilling. The Renewal Retreat for Change Leaders is a transformative five-day wellness-based leadership development program held in the beautiful St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The program will focus on helping you as a changemaker clarify your purpose, find inspiration, reconnect your “why” so that you are able to elevate both your body and mind to do impactful work.

The Renewal Retreat for Change Leaders will launch in 2022 and will gather together a diverse background of professionals who have one common goal: the desire and eagerness to advance social change in their communities. Because we believe in creating space to help aspiring leaders reach their fullest potential, we will be offering a limited set of stipends after the event to retreat participants that they can use to explore and enhance a needed area within their own personal and professional growth. Registration for this illustrative program and fellowship will be available closer to our program launch date, however we do invite you to join our mailing list so you are the first to receive the news once this offering is made available to our community.

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