Monday Morning Breath and Stretch


Start your week of right with this 30-minute online breath work session surrounded by caring people, positivity and light. Some participants may have recently awakened. Some may have already had a full workout. Others will be at their desks, ready for a break. Wherever you are in the morning, this session will teach a healthy breathing technique and how it’s tied to wellness. We’ll incorporate light stretches to prepare your body for the day. Space is limited.

Gratitude Circles by gthx and Gratitude Blooming


Soulwork provides an opportunity to reunite with one’s spirit through many different practices, including mindfulness. One way to explore Soulwork is the practice of gratitude. Thanks to our friends at gthx and Gratitude Blooming, we invite you to explore this practice by attending a Gratitude Circle.  Gratitude Circles are a moment to pause. It’s an invitation to notice our inner nature through nature-inspired and artist-illustrated prompts. Email to sign up for the next session.

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